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Philip Green: How to make it in fashion

Philip Green: How to make it in fashion

Sir Philip Green thinks the fashion business is just as changeable as the music industry.

The British businessman is the brains behind high-street chain Topshop, which is a favourite among huge stars like Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne.

His key to success is keeping up with the times and never letting things go stale - after all, it's a fast-paced trade.

“Every single day, there are people looking to reinvent, in some way, the consumer experience. Look at the music business - look what’s happened there, the transformation," he explained to WWD.

"You cannot sit idly by. People are always going to go shopping - they like going to stores, they like shopping, but there are other things that are happening that you’ve got to be up to speed with. We’ve got to permanently keep progressing, improving.”

One of the challenges to keep up with is the choice consumers have these days. Philip is fully aware that thanks to the internet, shoppers have access to brands all over the world without even leaving their homes.

To beat competition, it will always come down to quality.

"I still think it’s down to great product. And we need to give the customer value, newness, and you’ve got to sell things. We need to have speed to market, availability, service, all of those things have got to be top-of-the-tree. There is no substitute for any of that,” he stated.

Proving that his attitude is working, Topshop has just rereleased its most iconic pieces of the last 30 years, much to the delight of its fans.

Among them is a shimmery grey midi dress, a denim tube dress with a zip running down the middle and a pair of wide-legged red trousers.

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