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Peter Dundas: 'Keeping up with fashion is a challenge'

Peter Dundas: 'Keeping up with fashion is a challenge'

Peter Dundas finds it difficult to keep up with the changing pace of the fashion industry.

The Norwegian designer is kept busy with his own label and helming Roberto Cavalli, for which he’s preparing his new Spring/Summer 17 collections.

Over the last few months a lot of changes have been made to how lines are unveiled and made available to the public, with many brands jumping on the see-now, buy-now bandwagon. Peter is trying his best to keep up, but admits it’s not always easy.

“Things are moving quicker and quicker. The Internet age has made everything so immediate that what you're doing can start to feel outdated,” he explained to Interview magazine.

“It's a huge challenge (to keep up) that's not actually resolved. You just have to compensate by putting in as many hours as you can. If this wasn't something I loved and felt absolutely passionate about, then I'd hate it.”

As for how he thinks fashion can adapt to the alterations, he urges those in the business to embrace the speed and use it to their advantage and despite the stress, he’s excited about what the future holds. Dundas also supports labels abandoning seasons as he feels it doesn’t make sense when a spring collection features everything from heavy coats to high summer items.

One of the big reasons the speed of style has quickened is because of social media, with sites like Twitter and Instagram showing photos of new clothing straight after it’s shown.

“Social media is hugely important as a vehicle for communication,” Dundas said. “That's the reality today, whether you like it or not. The good part is that you can continually share news about yourself and your company. But it can also make the design timeline more challenging.”

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