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Peter Copping in an 'enviable position' at Oscar de la Renta

Peter Copping in an 'enviable position' at Oscar de la Renta

Peter Copping feels lucky to be able to take inspiration from other brands in running Oscar de la Renta.

The British designer took the helm of the company in 2014 following Oscar's passing and currently produces six collections per annum under its label. However, with times changing in the world of fashion, Copping admits he wouldn't mind joining the quicker pace after monitoring competitors.

"Fashion is fast at the moment... you can look at other brands and compare (yourself) to what they're doing and you see people moving faster, making headway quickly, they might come from different structures which allow them to do that," he said during the Financial Times' Business of Luxury Summit. "In some ways, that's quite an envious position to be in."

Oscar de la Renta's main focus is still evening gowns and ready-to-wear, and it has yet to add more to its schedule, though Copping seems keen to expand, as does the label's CEO Alex Bolen.

The current industry is a far cry from Copping's previous job at Louis Vuitton, when his small team were responsible for just two lines a year.

"It felt like a real luxury," he recalled. "It was enough time to do proper research, fabric development, travel. Some of our research trips were legendary. (It was a) very pleasant environment, there was not competition between us. We'd refer to the research trips as 'holidays'."

The designer has brought his own unique touches to Oscar de la Renta, all the while staying within the boundaries of its DNA. And as there's nothing else other than clothing being produced, it restricts the creative slightly in how much of a statement he can make on the runway.

"(You have to make sure you're) not throwing the baby out with the bath water," he said, stressing the importance of pleasing current customers and attracting new ones at the same time. "It's important to have a good sense of creative freedom; I think you need that to be able to forge forward. At the same time, I am a designer that is happy to work in conjunction with marketing and sales teams."

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