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Paulina Porizkova: I don't do injections

Paulina Porizkova: I don't do injections

Paulina Porizkova would have had Botox by now if she hadn’t quit smoking.

The 50-year-old supermodel has featured on the covers of some of the world’s biggest titles including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Her stunning looks haven’t faded with age and Paulina puts that down to ditching cigarettes.

“Probably not so great! I would probably be Botoxed,” she replied when asked by Yahoo Beauty what she thought she’d look like if she’d continued with the habit. “[But] I haven’t done anything [injectables] at all. I have done lasers, actually. But I feel like lasers are like Clarisonic: You do them and you see nothing. But you pay a vast amount of money for them. It just makes me feel like maybe it’s doing something.”

Paulina has never been afraid to share her views, particularly when it comes to plastic surgery. While she has tried lasers, she doesn’t think she would go under the knife as in her opinion, it makes everyone look the same.

“I’m against all of us looking homogenous, where there’s only one kind of a template of a person. That, I’m really against. That really, like, p**ses me off,” she continued. “Why can’t there be a little more variety in beauty? And as people do age and start messing with the injectables and all that, then people do start taking on very similar looks ’cause everybody is sort of oddly smooth and oddly immovable.”

Instead Paulina prefers to eat healthily and exercise to look good, even though she hates working out. However she does like boxing and kickboxing, but doesn’t appreciate it when people get too aggressive.

“I like kickboxing, although when you do it with a bunch of guys, they tend to really show off and really bruise you, so I’m not as into that anymore,” she admitted. “I always loved dancing. Any type - Bollywood dancing is super fun. I’ll do Zumba. I like movement where you can forget that you’re exercising. I will spin. I will do Pilates. I will do yoga, even though I think it’s really boring. I kind of try to do a little bit of everything over the week, ’cause otherwise it’s really boring.”

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