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Paul Smith: 'Perfume must be honest'

Paul Smith: 'Perfume must be honest'

Designer Paul Smith hopes his fragrances express "honesty".

The dapper menswear star is known for his perfectly tailored creations but also has a line of male and female scents. Revealing his tips for the gents of today, he put a good aftershave right at the top of his list.

"Every man needs a good scent that he can wear everywhere," he told "I've always tried to keep an honesty to the fragrances I make; I'm very much involved in the creation of the scent. This one (Paul Smith Essential) has notes of patchouli and cedar wood, two of my favourite notes. It smells clean and fresh on just about everyone."

The Paul Smith brand was founded in 1970 and has since established itself as a leading menswear brand. Always keen to stay ahead of the game, the designer recently unveiled his Suit To Travel In, explaining why the concept is so important to him.

"I travel more-or-less every week and wear a suit pretty much every day, as such I recently realised the importance of having a suit that still looked fresh after travelling," he shared. "You’ll have experienced this too if you get the train or tube to work. My new ‘Suit To Travel In’ is crease resistant and is made of 100 per cent wool so it's naturally breathable, making it very comfortable and commute-friendly."

Just as Paul keeps up with the busy lives of modern men, he also makes sure to take note of current trends. Right now, footwear is on his radar.

"Men's style has evolved so much in the time I've been designing clothes and the recent boom in more formal trainers is one of the most noticeable signs of this," he said. "A pair of trainers no longer looks out of place with a suit. Basso’s are my favourite and you'll often find me in a pair of them and a suit while running to catch a train or plane!"

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