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Paul Smith: 'Fashion can be so snobby'

Paul Smith: 'Fashion can be so snobby'

Paul Smith has called out the snobbery in fashion.

The designer has become synonymous with British style, spending more than 45 years working in the fashion industry.

While he relishes what he does, Paul could do without the self-importance and arrogance that can sometimes be witnessed in fashion and the celebrity world.

“What is just so needless – not just in fashion, but in so-called ‘celebrity’ – is so much unnecessary ego,” he sighed to GQ Australia. “Yes, you do a good job. But keep your feet on the ground, mate. Be a nice person to meet. There’s so much ego and attitude and snobbishness.”

The Paul Smith brand is known for its sharp tailoring and use of colour and bright prints. When asked for his opinion on the menswear offerings for Spring/Summer 16, Paul couldn’t help but bring up how mainstream fashion has become.

“If I had a criticism of fashion today, it’s that it’s become slightly cliched – guys aren’t as adventurous as they used to be,” he sighed. “We have Instagram and know what people are doing, instantly. It’s a bit sad as it’s made the world a bit too homogenised.”

While 70-year-old Paul is a keen Instagram user, calling it “an extension of my love for photography”, he isn’t a big fan of other technologies. He’s proud to say he doesn’t have an email address and his wife Pauline doesn’t have a mobile phone.

Paul's reasoning behind his lack of interest in technology is simple: “I’m an observant, curious person. To spend any time looking at a phone or a screen, for me, would be incorrect.

“The only advice I would give to anybody who reads this is, balance your time. Look and see in an ordinary way. Enjoy life: eye contact, body language, touch, friendship... normal things. And then, of course, immerse yourself in technology.”

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