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Paul Smith: 'Colour adds fun'

Paul Smith: 'Colour adds fun'

Paul Smith uses colour as a punctuation mark in his designs.

The flamboyant British designer is known for his flair with rainbow shades, and likes to add colour to his own clothes, not just his label’s offerings.

“Colour has always been important to me because my work is quite simple and colour adds that brightness, that punctuation mark, that bit of fun and optimism,” he smiled to Matches Fashion.

Paul's addition of colour to his wardrobe always varies, and can be anything a bright tie against a classic suit, or a colourful scarf worn with a white shirt.

Suits are another brand staple for the 69-year-old, and the sharp tailoring features in both his womenswear and menswear designs. When asked how to make a suit wearable for the summer, Paul, unsurprisingly, suggests adding colour to the occasion.

“The old way of thinking about a suit was the fact that it used to be for funerals, interviews and weddings. Not anymore,” he insisted. “The modern way of wearing a suit is the fact that you can wear it in any way you want. One of the best ways for me is opening it all up to a white T-shirt or a polo shirt. There aren’t any rules any more. In spring and summer, a colourful shirt, a colourful polo shirt or knitwear, all worn under a classic suit, can be perfect.”

For Paul’s own style tastes, the designer is never far away from some trusty tailoring.

“I personally wear a suit every day because my job is so varied. So I could be seeing students at nine o’clock, architects at 10 o’clock or meeting a store at 11 o’clock. The suit for me really works because you can coordinate it in lots of different ways,” he smiled.

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