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Paul Andrew wants women to feel comfortable in his designs

Paul Andrew wants women to feel comfortable in his designs

There's nothing more unattractive than an elegant woman looking "crippled" by their heels, according to Paul Andrew.

The famed footwear designer launched his own brand in 2012 and now counts the likes of actresses Emma Watson and Emmy Rossum amongst his fans. Catering to women's desire to look and feel sexy in high heels, Paul decided to create a comfortable pair of shoes, the Zenadia pump, that support the wearer. He turned to an Italian insole maker to create memory foam padding for the shoe and took tips from a chiropractor on the highest pressure points on the foot.

"The majority of luxury designer shoes are made according to measurements established several decades ago," Andrew explained to "Now that everyone's more active and more people are wearing sneakers, our feet have changed. The natural collagen we used to produce under the ball of the foot is much less than it used to be.

"You see super elegant put-together women and so many of them look crippled by their stiletto heel, and there's nothing less attractive than that. What I'm trying to do is make women feel more attractive, so they can be comfortable at the same time."

The Zenadia shoe, which was inspired by Greek mythology, features a pointed, winged peak at the front. With such subtle detail, Paul was able to create something classic and wearable yet unique.

The placement of the wing is important too as it suits both wide and narrow feet: "If you're wider, it allows your foot to not fall over the edge, and if you're really narrow, it holds you into the shoe."

And with a metal heel which sits directly under the heel cushion, a major pressure point, Paul points out that it creates the illusion of wearing a smaller heel. Despite the designer only creating the pump for his first ever collection in Spring 2014, it has quickly become his most popular offering.

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