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Patrick Grant: 'Don't conform'

Patrick Grant: 'Don't conform'

Patrick Grant urges men to express their individual style rather than conforming.

The British designer is famed for his tailored, dapper creations with brand E. Tautz, which has won him awards like the British Fashion Council/GQ Designer Menswear Fund. He's also made a name for himself in London's prestigious Savile Row thanks to being creative director of bespoke tailors Norton & Sons.

As the decades go on and fashion evolves, Patrick is advises men to resist the temptation to change their appearance to fit in with the crowd.

"By worrying less about conformity and expressing more individual style," he told when asked how British men can make sure the current decade is remembered as the most stylish of the 2000s. "In a funny way I think social media is making people less, rather than more experimental. People are too worried about looking good all the time. When I grew up you could get it all horribly wrong and it didn’t matter, there was no record."

Patrick also shared his own style secrets, revealing the key to dressing down but still looking smart. He suggests a more draped, soft tailoring to achieve this, joking that men should simply come and shop at E Tautz.

With so much competition in the fashion industry Patrick is aware of how difficult it is to break into the limelight. That said, he gave some pearls of wisdom to up-and-coming designers during his interview.

"Work really hard, think carefully about how you spend every penny, and be absolutely true to your own vision of your clothes and your brand. It has to be personal," he added.

"He’s not quite so up-and-coming any more but I do love Craig Green. He has such a simple and pure vision, his clothes create such honest, natural, beautiful forms. There is so much craft in his pieces."

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