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Patrick Cox: Have fun with money!

Patrick Cox: Have fun with money!

Patrick Cox found 59 year olds who tried to look cool the worst thing when he was young.

The shoe designer was a massive name during the 90s, but after selling his company in 2007 he wasn't allowed to create footwear for three years. He's now back with a new label called Lathbridge, and the 52-year-old star has come to terms with his target audience being older than they once were.

"If I think what a 59-year-old looked like when I was 20 or 30! And if they were cool, it was even worse!" he laughed to British newspaper The Telegraph. "The older generation have always had the money but they didn’t have fun with the money. We’re living in a different age now. No more stealth wealth; that whole aristocrat-in-a-frayed-shirt is slowly disappearing. And now there’s Zara so you don’t have to pay a fortune for an outfit – you can just wear it a few times and throw it away.”

Patrick remains best known for his chunky Wannabe loafers, which have been seen on a host of stars such as David Beckham and Sir Elton John. They aren't available anymore and the designer has no plans to bring them back, as he's more interested in doing something different this time around.

That plan has manifested into luxury sneakers, which Patrick is adamant is what the new consumer wants.

"The guys all want the floral print trainer! And the City gents want to go into the office with the yellow butterfly brogues!" he laughed. "Men are much more accepting than 20 years ago, and I think I definitely pioneered that with the colours and exotic skins. People are speaking my language now.”

He describes the line as bursting with English eccentricity, but it's also made from the highest-quality Italian leather.

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