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Patricia Field on what makes fashion art

Patricia Field on what makes fashion art

Patricia Field believes fashion is a form of art, only when it isn't for commercial purposes.

The American designer and stylist has created clothing for 50 years, boasting work on numerous TV shows and films as well as owning her own boutique. However she recently closed the doors to her New York store, which HOWL! Arts Project used as an excuse to celebrate her work with an exhibition. For Patricia, there is a close bond between creative sectors when done right.

"I believe that fashion is a form of art when it is artistic and not commercial," she told Forbes. "Fashion is figurative and sculptural. Fashion and all other forms of art are forms of creative expression that communicate the message of the artist to the world."

Shutting her boutique was a bittersweet moment for Patricia as while she's pleased with the legacy that it's left, countless clients have expressed how sad they are over no longer being able to visit. They wished her luck though and the fashionista keeps their kind comments close to heart

"I am most proud of the relationships I have developed over the years with decades of costumers, from grand children to grandmothers," she smiled. "It is something that is extremely hard to explain, but gives me great joy."

2016 marks 50 years of Patricia having her store and she describes running the business as a "fantastic experience". It slowly became too much though, as she admits to missing out on other interests while tending to the property.

"My shop was beginning to crunch my time, to the extent that it became difficult for me to pursue my other career opportunities, so I decided after 50 years of boutique, that it was time to move on," she concluded.

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