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Pat McGrath: The world needs my make-up

Pat McGrath: The world needs my make-up

Pat McGrath's debut beauty item Gold 001 is being launched ahead of her cosmetics line because she felt the world couldn't wait for it.

The make-up artist has plans to release a full range of colour cosmetics in 2016, but 27 October 2015 will see her first item made available. Gold 001 comes under the Pat McGrath Labs umbrella, which she plans to use for limited-edition launches that need to be available fast. It's a unique product which provides a wash of gold, either sheer or more built up, depending on how you apply it.

"I was in the labs, working on my (full) line, and I saw this incredible gold,” she told WWD. “This is something I couldn’t sit and wait a year for. That will be the kind of platform Pat McGrath Labs will offer.

"You can use it as an eyeliner for a Studio 54 look, put it on top of a shadow, blush or lipstick, or use it as a body paint."

Anyone wondering exactly what the product looks like just needs to check out the Spring/Summer 16 Prada catwalk, where models sported bold golden lips. Gold 001 costs $40 and comes with a spare container in case it breaks - which it might because of the unique formula - and needs to be stored somewhere else.

1,000 of the product have been manufactured, with beauty lovers only allowed to buy one each.

Pat has teamed up with many major brands over the years, including Armani Beauty. She has no plans to stop that sort of work at the moment, but coming up with her full range of make-up is what's really exciting her.

"I’m breaking all the rules and being true to me," she said. "I want it not only to be exciting for the consumer, but have it be exciting for me as well."

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