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Pamela Love's jewellery is for 'real girls'

Pamela Love's jewellery is for 'real girls'

Pamela Love keeps the "real girl" in mind when designing her jewellery pieces.

The New York-based designer is known for her unique fine jewellery which is inspired by urban mysticism and the occult. After launching her company on 2007 at the age of 25, Love has gone on to win over a number of A-list fans including superstar Beyonce, who rocked some of her designs in her recently launched Lemonade music video. But Love admits her typical client is the regular woman, who is looking for meaningful yet stylish accessories.

"We’re not one of those brands that’s only about celebrities, our brand is about real girls," Love told "We want to focus on real women who are awesome that we have crushes on."

The majority of Love's collection is manufactured in her New York studio, except for pieces that require specific expertise. For instance, she works with artisans in Thailand on stone cutting, setting and complicated inlay.

"We are working with these particular people because it’s the most next level craft I have ever seen," she said, adding that it is important for her to keep the majority of production in America in order to create jobs. "If we are going to make things in other places, it has to be because they do a really beautiful job in a responsible way."

Love is also challenging herself in other creative ways, and has a new book titled Muses & Manifestations that features a photo journey through her travels, which in turn have inspired her jewellery designs. She is also collaborating with Shinola, the makers of watches, bicycles and leather goods, to help the brand expand into the jewellery market later this year. Her first collection with the Detroit-based company will be unveiled in November (16), featuring earrings, necklaces and bracelets in sterling silver and 14 karat yellow gold, ranging from $200 (£140) to $2,000 (£1400).

Love’s main collection can be found at Barneys and Net-a-porter, as well as other retailers, but Love feels her designs are best showcased on her own e-commerce shop.

“As I change, the site changes, we all grow up and go through phases, so the site is insight into what I am into aesthetically," she said.

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