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Olympia Campbell: I rock the bag lady look

Olympia Campbell: I rock the bag lady look

Olympia Campbell thinks guys who are into “the bag lady look” probably find her sexy.

The British star has walked for the likes of Chanel and Louis Vuitton, but prides herself on standing out from the sea of models in the business. What helps is her kooky fashion sense, seen when she wore crocheted shorts and pineapple framed sunglasses at the Glastonbury music festival over the weekend.

“I hate looking like I’m in uniform - and wellies are also extremely unsexy to dance in,” she told “Not that I was looking particularly sexy anyway - unless people are into the bag lady look!”

There was one thing all Olympia’s looks had in common: colour. She favoured dresses in a mix of bright purple, red and pink, as well as an eye-wateringly bright pink jacket, with her outfit choices so bold that they constantly got tongues wagging.

“There were quite a lot of people who dressed pretty wacky, but someone did say I looked like a bumblebee one day, and I got quite a few compliments on my big colourful coat with the wizard sleeves,” she admitted.

Although she’s in no doubt that many people thought she looked like a “madwoman”, that’s something that appeals to Olympia. She favours shopping in markets so she can grab one-off pieces, although some of the looks she sported weren’t for everyday wear. The sister of star Edie Campbell doesn’t go quite as wild when she’s strutting the streets of London, joking some of her neighbours probably wouldn’t approve if she cracked out some of the flamboyant numbers.

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