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Olsens have perfected The Row

Olsens have perfected The Row

Mary-Kate Olsen feels like everything came together on The Row’s latest collection.

The former child star helms the label with her twin sister Ashley, and the pair have become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Known for its sleek aesthetic, the label's Spring 15 collection is full of tailored looks, feminine overcoats and elegant eyewear.

“Everything really came together this season – from the beginning to the end,” Mary-Kate told Matches Fashion. “Since we were working on this collection for such a long period of time, we had the ability to perfect the details with every fabric and stitch. We had the time, right up until the show, to tweak the collection. We had the ability to step back and look at the collection differently.”

The sisters have always worked as a team, dating right back to when they were starring in movies together as youngsters.

Their dynamic has only strengthened with age, and at 28, they’ve worked hard to produce a respected fashion house.

“We make all of our decisions together. It helps to have a second set of eyes, and what we create is the product of both of our visions. Listening to each other’s ideas and opinions exposes us to other perspectives, and from there we can begin to create what we think The Row customer would want,” Mary-Kate explained.

“We wanted to manufacture quality pieces that every woman could wear and felt comfortable wearing. It should be about quality and the way it fits on your body. We always say the definition of luxury, at least our version of it, is to make a woman’s life easier. And that’s what we aspire to,” added Ashley.

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