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Olivier Rousteing's one click generation

Olivier Rousteing's one click generation

Olivier Rousteing is happy to be a part of the social generation.

The man behind Balmain is an avid Instagrammer and also has a Twitter and Facebook account. He’s most recently been updating followers with snaps of A-list friends like Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn and the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Talking to Vogue, Olivier hinted at a new project he’s working on. While he wouldn’t go into much detail, he did tease it’s the biggest venture he’s ever worked on, mixing both fashion and who he is during his downtime.

“I don’t feel any pressure about having all these projects and collections because I love my work and I love what I do,” he assured the publication. “I’m part of the new generation - I’m part of the Twitter generation, the Facebook generation, the Instagram generation where everything is about one click.

“I think a lot of designers might dislike that - it’s because they are part of a different generation and they have a different way of working, so now they start to see everything go faster. But me, I’m born with that generation, I’m born with this fashion moment where everything has to go fast. I wouldn’t know how to handle it if it was slower.”

As well as helming the French couture label, a role he's held since 2011, Olivier also found time to create the super successful Balmain collection for H&M.

He’s recently opened the fashion house’s first New York store too, situated on 100 Wooster Street.

“For me, America has been a key part of my vision of how I want to see Balmain today because Balmain is a timeless brand,” the French designer explained. “Balmain is really aristocratic and really about luxury and couture, so bringing pop culture really makes it more modern and more fresh than if I was just keeping with the traditions of Paris. I think that has been part of my success and of Balmain’s success, so it was important for me to open the store here.”

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