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Olivier Rousteing on embracing 'maximalism'

Olivier Rousteing on embracing 'maximalism'

Olivier Rousteing believes his "maximal" aesthetic gives Balmain a unique sensibility in today's fashion market.

Rousteing, who is credited with giving the French luxury brand a fresh-take since signing on as creative director in 2011, has shunned minimalism and has a "more is more" philosophy when it comes to design.

"I have a vision. I want to be maximal, couture, I want to make Balmain unique and special," he told Vogue Australia. "This is French culture for me, this is what I’m born with. Everybody goes for minimal and the critics love it. I go for maximal because it is who I am and I am happy to be that person today and to be that person tomorrow."

Rousteing is known for his tailored six-button blazers and elaborately embellished gowns, and counts a force of internationally famous women including Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley amongst his fans. But the designer admits that he didn't always feel confident in his design abilities, and turning 30 last October (15) marked a significant turning point for him.

"Before I was really sad, waking up in the morning at 4am to check the first critique of my show," he explained. "Now I don’t really care so much about critics because you understand that you’re looking for love from journalists, but journalism is a business. Some people hate me for my vision, the way that I am, my youth. I love being 30, discovering things, pop culture, the present."

With the help of selfies with A-list friends Rousteing has accumulated legions of followers on social media websites. He takes a sensible approach to his fame though and sees Instagram as granting him the ability to pick and choose what his fans see of his personal life.

"Instagram is amazing for me because it’s a new protection for me. It is not intruding in my life. I’m going to give you what I want to give you from my life and you’re going to see what you want to see from my life," he said adding that he gets to curate and edit the world he wants to present. "I just want to show the truth and my vision."

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