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Olivier Rousteing is one of France's most influential figures

Olivier Rousteing is one of France's most influential figures

Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing is one of fashion's most influential people, as French Vanity Fair has ranked him number nine in its 50 most influential French people list.

The glossy magazine has made the list an annual tradition, with Olivier placing at number 32 in 2014 - meaning he's jumped an amazing 23 positions.

Olivier, 30, has been at Balmain since 2011, winning the position at just 24 years old. This year (15) he teamed up with high-street store H&M on a collection and also sat on its Design Award panel, nurturing up-and-coming talent. He joked the project finally made him feel like a wise old owl in fashion.

“I think what is amazing is that (H&M) can support big brands like Balmain, but also support young talent," he gushed to "I feel really young in my world, but when I’m here, I feel like I’m old - and that’s a nice feeling!”

The fact Olivier is always himself surely also helped him bag ninth spot on Vanity Fair's list.

“I think the difference between me and other designers is that I don’t try to please people, I try to please myself," he smiled. "I take selfies, I suck in my cheeks, I have an amazing app to make my skin perfect. I just do whatever I want and I don’t care what people are going to say, and I think that’s the reason of my success on Instagram. I don’t care about how you have to look like the perfect designer - I don’t have this bible.”

Olivier placed just ahead of actress Marion Cotillard at number 10. Spectre's Bond Girl Léa Seydoux made number two, while the first place was taken by French-Lebanese-Brazilian Carlos Ghosn.

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