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Olivier Rousteing: 'I think my first collection was the least stressful'

Olivier Rousteing: 'I think my first collection was the least stressful'

Olivier Rousteing's first fashion collection for Balmain was the "least stressful".

The 31-year-old fashion designer - who joined forces with the luxury designer brand in 2009 - has admitted when he first broke into the fashion industry he "wasn't afraid" of the job and didn't feel under pressure when he created his debut capsule because he had no expectations.

Speaking about his career, the creative director of the fashion house who was only 25 years old when he took over from Christophe Decarnin to helm the brand, said: "I wasn't afraid [of the job], because I was so young. I was like a kid who wants to touch fire and doesn't understand that it will burn.

"So I think my first collection was the least stressful, because I didn't know what to expect. Now, I have my own crowd. I always say Christophe was rock 'n' roll, and I'm more hip-hop. It's a different generation."

And Olivier has revealed he has "always" been in love with the designer label, and although he struggled to find his "place" in the world, he is pleased he has realised his "passion" can be his "career".

He explained: "I always had a big crush on Balmain, and I explained that I loved it when Pierre Balmain was there, and I loved Christophe's Balmain. And Christophe wrote back, we met, he saw my work, and I became his right hand.

"I didn't realize your passion could also be your job. I always loved fashion, but I thought, 'Maybe it's just a passion, not a career,' so I went to study law. But I didn't like it, so I quit. And I went to fashion school, but I quit that as well. I kept believing that I had a place somewhere [else]."

"When you're a designer, you have to express your world, and my world is about diversity.' I think fashion talks a lot, but they don't act a lot."

Meanwhile, the creative mastermind is set to launch an accessories range for the brand next year, which Olivier thinks will allow those who "can't afford" his garments to purchase items from the other ranges.

He told "I've been at Balmain for five years, and now I think it has to grow. I want to make it a really big, global brand, and accessories will open the Balmain Paris world to a new crowd.

"I'm aware that Balmain clothes are expensive, but those who can't afford my clothes might be able to buy Balmain accessories with [the same] really good quality. It's important to show all kinds of people my world."