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Olivier Rousteing: 'Don't give everything away'

Olivier Rousteing: 'Don't give everything away'

Olivier Rousteing is all for see-now-buy-now, but still wants to keep key pieces for later.

The Balmain designer is one of the hottest names in the fashion industry, with famous fans such as Kim Kardashian rooting for him. He's embraced recent changes in how the business works, such as social media now playing a key part in sales, but doesn't think everything should be made available straight away.

"I believe in see-now-buy-now - we have to stay connected and go faster," he said during a speech at the Conde Nast International Luxury Conference. "We are probably going to head for see-now-buy-now, for sure. But it's important to keep key pieces that you will sell later and also have pieces that are available immediately after the show. It's good to have a mix of price points too."

The 30-year-old has almost three million followers on Instagram and keeps them up to date with his antics with regular posts. He uses the app for "storytelling" and hopes his background comes through via his photos, and that he clearly indicates that Balmain is his "baby".

"It was important back then to use Instagram to invite people to discover who I am," he explained. "I'm adopted, I came from an orphanage, and I wanted to show people that dreams can come true; to give a positive message and say that if you believe in yourself and you believe in a dream it can happen."

He even has a hashtag for his brand, #BalmainArmy, which allows users to quickly locate his posts. Olivier wants people to feel a part of the label and thinks Instagram is the key to achieving this.

"Now, after a show I can invite people to understand the Balmain world. If they want the Balmain world they can have it and follow; if they don't like it, they can unfollow," he shrugged.

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