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Olivia Munn uses potatoes to maintain wrinkle-free face

FashionBy Sunday World
Olivia Munn uses potatoes to maintain wrinkle-free face

Olivia Munn credits potatoes for her wrinkle-free face.

The 35-year-old actress has been forced to shut down rumours she's gone under the knife to maintain her youthful looks by revealing her top secret for her healthy complexion.

Taking to her Instagram account recently, she said: "I've talked about this before and I still stand by it: Japanese potatoes that are high in Hyaluronic Acid help keep wrinkles away. There are Hyaluronic Acid pills and vitamins but I think that the best way to get it in your system is by eating them in foods that naturally have them."

However, the brunette beauty believes she needs to "work" on her face a little more as she thinks she looks high on drugs when she poses for photographs on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, as a sufferer of trichotillomania - a form of OCD that leads to her pulling out her own eyelashes - Olivia relies heavily on eyelash extensions when she's out at events.

But on her days off, Olivia usually opts to go au naturel.

She said "If it's a good day, when I don't have to put extensions on, it [getting ready] takes maybe 15 minutes."