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Olivia Culpo will 'always' style her hair before going to the gym

Olivia Culpo will 'always' style her hair before going to the gym

Olivia Culpo has "always" styled her hair before going to the gym.

The 24-year-old actress has admitted she tries to keep her everyday beauty regime to a minimum, and although she won't wear a face full of make-up to work out, the brunette beauty will regularly use a "hair tool" and tong her brunette locks prior to exercising.

Speaking to about her beauty hacks, Olivia - who was crowned Miss USA in 2012 when she represented Rhode Island - said: "I try to keep it as minimal as possible, but I'll use something. It's like, I'm not a make-up at the gym person, but I'll always use a hair tool.

"[But] my off duty hair is air-dried, but I'll bend the ends with a curler or an iron."

And the Cranston-born star has revealed her ability to walk in high heel shoes comfortably is hereditary, because her 83-year-old grandmother is "still" able to trot along in heels.

Speaking about the secret behind her ability to walk in stilettos with ease, the 'The Other Woman' star said: "Okay, well, my grandmother is still teaching ballet and she's 83 years old.

"She still wears heels all the time, and I have really high arches, and I think heels are really comfortable. So for me, there's no 'secret' to walking in heels, it's just in my genes. Thanks, grandma!"

"If you don't want to wear heels and make-up, you are not any less valuable than any other woman."

Meanwhile, Olivia has revealed she considers beauty and fashion as "art".

She explained: "For me, beauty and clothing and hair is art. I really think of it as a creative form of expression that I'm lucky enough to do. And I'm glad I can inspire women to play with make-up and hair stuff as a way to express themselves, because I know how much I love it.

"You can ignore fashion and still be beautiful."