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Olivia Culpo 'switches' her beauty routine in the summer

Olivia Culpo 'switches' her beauty routine in the summer

Olivia Culpo has "switched" her beauty routine for the summer months.

The 24-year-old American actress has admitted her beauty "trick" is not to wear too many cosmetic products, and she has revealed she has changed her everyday make-up routine for the warmer months, which sees her adorn tinted moisturiser with highlighting qualities to accentuate her cheekbones.

Speaking to InStyle about her make-up overhaul, the brunette beauty said: ""The trick is to not wear more make-up than you need that's why I switch to tinted moisturiser.

"In the summer I switch to a tinted moisturiser with a highlighter above the cheekbone.

"I also switch to a pink or peachy lip gloss or balm. Right now I love L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm in Caring Coral."

However, the 'Other Woman' star has revealed her make-up bag is not the only beauty department to receive a complete overhaul, and she has shaken up her hair regime too.

She explained: "My summer beauty look is air-dried hair with a little thickening spray, like Oribe, for extra volume on humid days."

And Olivia - who is the Global Ambassador for the non-profit Pencils of Promise charity - likes to adorn a feminine yet casual ensemble on warmer days.

Speaking about her wardrobe choices, she said: "I'm into a loose, feminine dress with a cool sneaker.

Meanwhile Olivia - who was crowned Miss USA in 2012 when she was representing her home town Rhode Island in the pageant - has admitted her mum found her career as a beauty queen "shocking".

Speaking previously, Olivia said: "My mom is a natural beauty, doesn't have any beauty products at all.

"When I became really invested in doing other people's make-up and my own make-up and competing in all these pageants for her, it was very shocking. She didn't really like it and thought a lot of it was vain."

"So she started to tell me 'less is more' and I agree ... It's important for people to feel beautiful, but it's more about what's on the inside. That's something my mom actually told me growing up all the time."