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Olivia Culpo's lazy make-up routine

Olivia Culpo's lazy make-up routine

Olivia Culpo does her make-up in bed.

The 24-year-old beauty is gearing up for New York fashion week and the former Miss Universe is already planning ahead to ensure she can enjoy the parties while still looking her best.

She said: "I can get a little tired if I am going to parties so I think doing your make-up while you're still in bed is a great tip!

"Also drink water, because a lot of the time if you're dehydrated you can get tired.

"There'll be tons of parties at Fashion Week, tons of outfit changes! It will be really exciting, it's a great time of year, it's when everyone starts to be really busy again and the fashion is amazing."

Meanwhile, Olivia has singled out Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo as her fashion icons, despite their differing styles.

She told People magazine: "I look up to a lot of different people, and their styles are so diverse, but a few to name would be Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo. I love Victoria's simplicity and the elegance of that. I think Olivia is really interesting too, she mixes a lot of high and low items and dresses with a lot of different patterns. Those two are pretty all encompassing."

Olivia likes to customise her clothes, especially as she can use any left-over fabric to create some of her favourite accessories.

She explained: "I am obsessed with chokers - if you're ever altering an item of clothing, and there's a little extra material, you can use it to make a choker - so that's definitely one of my style tips right now!"