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Oliver Bonas: The store with no limits

Oliver Bonas: The store with no limits

Oliver Tress doesn’t put any limitations on what he sells in his Oliver Bonas stores.

The British high street store is continuing to expand and has a £30.3m turnover. Oliver believes his store’s success is down to having a real passion for the products it stocks, including clothes, accessories, home furnishings and knick knacks.

“We've always just done our own thing," he explained to British newspaper The Independent. "We don't put limitations on what we sell, it's just whatever we're getting excited about at the time. We only put things that we care about in the shop and I think that comes across."

Oliver opened his first store in London in 1993 and now has 42 branches across the country. While he used to cherry pick his products at trade shows, the brand has expanded so much he is able to produce everything in-house now.

“There are a lot of companies selling other people's products, but I want Oliver Bonas to be a British design house with our own handwriting,” he explained.

The businessman has come a long way since the first few fledgling months of opening his initial branch in Fulham Road, London. It stocked handbags and jewellery he'd brought over from Hong Kong, where his parents lived.

"I'd been bringing presents back for friends and they were really popular so I thought, 'I wonder if I can make a go of this?' And to my amazement it just worked,” he added.

The Bonas part of the company name came from the surname of his then-girlfriend Anna, who is the cousin of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas.

“She very kindly hasn't demanded that I changed it,” Oliver laughed.

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