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Nocturnal Animals costume designer praises Tom Ford's aesthetic

Nocturnal Animals costume designer praises Tom Ford's aesthetic

Nocturnal Animals costume designer Arianne Phillips has praised Tom Ford's "high aesthetic".

The American fashion designer recently helmed his second movie, Nocturnal Animals, which has already received critical acclaim thanks to stellar performances from Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal.

What the characters wear is also important in regards to how the audience reacts, and Arianne is impressed with the former Gucci creative director’s approach to costuming.

"What we do have in common with fashion design is vernacular about aesthetics," Arianne told "I knew Tom socially for a while before he asked me to do A Single Man (his directorial debut). I knew directing would be a natural fit for Tom because he's a creative director, and he's used to speaking in that visual language and directing teams of people... I've collaborated with a lot of people who have a high aesthetic and that's something I was very confident about with Tom.”

Phillips, who has previously outfitted the actors for movies such as 2005’s Walk The Line, added that Ford is one of the most "prepared" directors she’s worked with.

She also describes her collaboration with the 55-year-old sartorial star as "organic".

Amy's alter ego, art gallery owner Susan Morrow, rocks a sleek and sophisticated wardrobe and the actress has noted it's the most glamorous she's ever felt in a film. Around 80 per cent of the ensembles were made for her, with plenty of references to '90s fashion.

"We fit everything," Phillips said when asked how every piece fitted so perfectly. "We did multiple fittings and Amy was very patient with us. But I think with her characterisation she knew how to move in the clothes. Hopefully they assisted her with who that character was... It all works seamlessly together.”

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