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Nino Cerruti: Armani should return to roots

Nino Cerruti: Armani should return to roots

Nino Cerruti believes Giorgio Armani should return to what he was doing in the 70s.

The iconic designer is the man behind the modern day suit, reinventing it with his Hitman line so it was less stiff and more wearable.

Giorgio worked with Nino for a period during the 60s and 70s, with famed fashion journalist Suzy Menkes asking Nino if he felt the other designer stole his style.

"The updating of men’s clothes was something he was working on with me – but he loved a particular range of fabrics that I do not like so much – it was light, it fell down. I liked sports things. That was the first difference between him and me, these kinds of fabrics. When we were working together and on technical development, he was helping me – but I had the final word," he replied, in a piece published on

"Giorgio should do now what he was doing in the 70s – it was so actual."

Nino's pieces are the subject of a new exhibition at Florence’s Marino Marini museum. The pieces included are from his personal wardrobe, but offer a glimpse into the way men's style has evolved over the years.

That's not to say Nino would wear all the pieces included again though.

"Some of those clothes I wore then I don’t wear now – like those two tuxedos – one with a lapel so wide I would never wear it now," he laughed.

"The history of men’s fashion is in clothes I really lived in, and the evolution – volume in the 50s was so much larger, then, shrinking down in the 60s."

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