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Nicole Weider: Victoria's Secret shoot shocked me

Nicole Weider: Victoria's Secret shoot shocked me

A former Victoria's Secret model has spoken of her intense shock over how photoshopped its images are.

Nicole Weider began working as a model after she moved to Los Angeles when she was 17. She managed to land a job with the famous lingerie company, but was astounded by how altered the images were after they were taken.

"I think the most shocking thing that I discovered was I worked on a Victoria's Secret commercial just as a body double for one of the models and one of the photographer's assistants was retouching the pictures on one of the monitors. And he was showing me how he was photoshopping the pictures in real time and I was completely blown away because here in front of me was all these beautiful supermodels (they were gorgeous) and then here he was retouching all the pictures and I couldn't believe it," she told

"It was really heavily retouched, he made her neck longer and one of the models has a lot of freckles [so] he was getting rid of them and it just completely changed my perspective on the whole modelling industry, so that was a really eye-opening experience."

Nicole worked in the modelling industry for many years, although it came at a price. When she was 23 she was left with depression, and she still can't believe some of the things she came face-to-face with. They included celebrities taking drugs and fellow models who stayed slim by not eating.

However, it was the Victoria's Secret shoot which proved the turning point. Nicole just couldn't come to terms with how intensely altered the shots were, and she realised that working in fashion wasn't going to be viable for her in the long term.

That doesn't mean she'd change anything though, as Nicole believes it was these experiences which helped her find religion. She now promotes Christian values and tries to help young women find self-worth through means other than modelling.

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