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Nicole Trunfio won't leave home without a choker on

Nicole Trunfio won't leave home without a choker on

Nicole Trunfio loves chokers so much that she even considered wearing one to bed. 

The Australian model is so enamoured with jewellery that she's created her own line with Los Angeles-based brand Erth, and just dropped her third collection.

One of the most popular pieces in the range is the choker, often seen on supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and Nicole is thrilled to see how successful the accessory remains.

"I ask myself this every day, 'How has the choker lasted so long?'" she told Vogue Australia. "I think it is just an item that really... Makes women feel and look great. I remember a stage where I couldn't leave the house without one and even wanted to sleep in one."

When it comes to Nicole's Erth range, sleeping in a choker would actually be achievable as the 31-year-old beauty used satin ribbon for many of the necklaces, which she feels gives them a more "fashion feel".

She also shared recommendations on how customers can wear the designs, explaining she treats everything as though it were vintage.

"I would probably not be too precious with it and be more creative," she said. "Sometimes when we get a new item we want to put it on display, as if on a pedestal. I like to wear it as if it's a part of my style and aesthetic; not too precious, not standing out too much - just a part of the whole story."

The brunette beauty encouraged fashionistas to double or triple-up with chokers too, suggesting people wear them alongside normal necklaces to create a "vintage cluster feeling".

"I like to wrap the ribbon around the front to tie it, so you have a nice contrast of silk and crystal," the former Victoria's Secret model noted.

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