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Nicole Ritchie doesn't 'expect' people to wear House of Harlow 1960

Nicole Ritchie doesn't 'expect' people to wear House of Harlow 1960

Nicole Ritchie doesn't "expect" people to wear her brand House of Harlow 1960.

The 34 year-old fashion designer - who launched her fashion range in 2009 - has admitted she wants to create items based on the trends females are currently following, although she doesn't want women to be dressed "head-to-toe" in her brand.

Speaking about her plans for the label, Nicole - who is the daughter of legendary recording artist Lionel Richie - said: "I design every piece thinking about what exists in people's closets already.

"This is 2016, I don't expect people to wear my brand head to toe. So I love giving girls options layering options - many different pieces they can layer with pieces that they already have."

And the former 'Simple Life' star has revealed the latest collection is inspired by iconic eras and music.

She explained: "I'm inspired by the '60s and the '70s and I'm really inspired by music so that always plays the first role.

"I love wearing a piece of clothing where I feel like I can run around at any moment and dance in it. So you know, I guess when I'm designing, I want the clothes to feel celebratory and feel very light and fun and feel like you could move seamlessly."

And the mother of two - who has eight-year-old daughter Harlow and six-year-old son Sparrow with her husband Joel Madden - has revealed she loves "every single" item from her label and envies the model who adorns items from her range during the photo shoot, and will run off to try on a similar item from her collection, which she refuses to take off.

She explained to Harpers Bazaar online: "We hired a model but I love to throw myself in my own campaign. And everything she puts on I'm like I love the way that that's looking. Let me see the dress version of that. And right now I'm walking around in a gold lamé dress. And large gold hoops. So every single piece, I want to take home today."