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Nicolas Ghesquière projects personality

Nicolas Ghesquière projects personality

Nicolas Ghesquière loves to project the different personalities of women with his designs.

The French designer is currently the creative director at Louis Vuitton after 15 years at the helm of fashion house Balenciaga.

Despite being just 25 when appointed the first job, Nicolas was able to create a distinct aesthetic with his clothing, opting for a futuristic vibe. He hasn't let go of that vision entirely now he's at Louis Vuitton, but has broadened his mind to include other ideas.

"I think it is over - I integrated that. I have different heroines in my head. Some look more like a futuristic woman, and some look like an everyday woman," he explained to "I think I visualise women in a certain way, but it is multiple women - not just one. It is many different personalities of women that I project, and that is the way it is. I love a sharp line - I am not going to lie! I love architecture and a construction that is evocative of certain things - something sharp, something very intriguing."

Nicolas recently put on LV's Resort show in Palm Springs at the Bob Hope Estate, a building which the fashion star describes a "symbolic modernist house" which he has always dreamed of. It was designed by late architect John Lautner and is true to his space-age flair with its spaceship appearance. That's not to say the location heavily influenced Nicolas' designs though.

"I love looking forward, but the idea, when I discovered the house, was also to think about the community of women that were living there and evolving. The house had a lot of influence on me. And I am a foreigner in California and America, as, as a good foreigner, I take in a lot of things. I am curious and I try to assimilate them," he added.

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