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Nicola Formichetti: 'Why is fashion still questioning diversity?'

Nicola Formichetti: 'Why is fashion still questioning diversity?'

Nicola Formichetti finds it "crazy" that fashion is still addressing diversity.

The creative director of Diesel has long been a champion of embracing all types of people, as shown in his recent project #forsuccessfulliving; a series of 50 photos taken by Terry Richardson which promote individuality.

And now, with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump set to take power with his extreme views, Nicola urges people to remain more confident in their own skin than ever before.

"It's always been an important issue to me. It's crazy that we're still talking about body types and different colours and now, because of Trump, it's even crazier," he told "As a brand and a person, I believe we have to stand and make a statement that we're made out of all these different things because it's beautiful and positive – there's nothing horrible about it."

The 39-year-old designer is pleased to see fashion has become more inclusive, allowing shoppers to see behind the scenes of their favourite brands and fashion stars thanks to platforms like social media. He believes it’s important for people to be involved with the process behind creating a collection and aims to achieve this with his work on Diesel.

Another aspect of the industry which has become popular over the last year is the see now, buy now trend, allowing customers to get their hands on pieces straight from the catwalk.

"We actually did our first 'see now, buy now' fashion show in Tokyo a month ago, and it worked really well," Nicola explained. "For our size of a brand it's perfect because you can create an interesting event and invite your customers who can buy straight away, but it really depends on what kind of brands you have. I don't think it's a good idea for small, younger brands because they have to protect they sales. Diesel has its own retail stores and distribution system, so it's perfect."

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