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Nicola Formichetti on his unconventional designs for Victoria's Secret Pink

Nicola Formichetti on his unconventional designs for Victoria's Secret Pink

Nicola Formichetti wanted his Victoria’s Secret Pink designs to be unconventional and “inclusive”.

The creative director of Diesel created 12 looks for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which took place in Paris on Wednesday night (30Nov16) and will air on 5 December (16). He was approached by Sophia Neophitou, creative director of Victoria's Secret, to collaborate on the Pink line and infused the aesthetic of his own label, Nicopanda, when designing the lingerie.

"All the silhouettes we've designed are based on girly sportswear, but the fabrication is where we really challenged the garment and used unconventional materials - sheer, sparkly, faux fur,” he told Refinery29. “We wanted to keep it quintessentially Pink, but with a Nicopanda twist. I want the audience to know that Nicopanda is for everyone. We're about being free-spirited and inclusive - being genderless and ageless. It's always about love and discovering the character in you."

It took the designer around six months to finalise his pieces, beginning the venture by looking at the show’s concept before analysing the Pink section of the brand.

The finished results include garments such as thigh-high white socks, cropped sweaters and briefs with thick bands at the top.

"It's fun collaborating on projects with other companies, because you can learn about different ways of creating,” Formichetti smiled. “It's an exciting challenge, working to maintain your individual voices, while coming together to develop something completely new."

Formichetti's former superstar client Lady Gaga performed at the event in Paris on Wednesday evening, changing outfits an impressive five times during her short stint on stage. She kept things chic, with one ensemble including a black, floor-length fishtail black dress covered in red roses.

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