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Nicola Formichetti launches magazine

Nicola Formichetti launches magazine

Nicola Formichetti's new magazine will be "pure creativity" and "freedom".

The Japanese and Italian designer is perhaps best known for his role as artistic director of Diesel and has been lauded for his contribution to the industry over the years, being dubbed one of the most influential figures in fashion in 2010.

Using his knowledge, Nicola is launching a publication called Free, a complimentary glossy which is to launch on March 17 and is a joint venture between the star and Japanese bookstore Tsutaya. It will be available in the shops as well as online at

“There are so many things at the moment that are completely controlled by money and business, so I just wanted to create something that was completely pure creativity, pure freedom," Nicola explained to

He has paid tribute to Japan with the first ever issue, which was created with the help of former Vogue Hommes Japan editors Junsuke Yamasaki and Shun Watanabe and NR2154's Jacob Wildschioedtz. Inside the magazine will be interviews with people such as artist Yasumasa Morimura and photoshoots with stars including oriental beauty Kiko Mizuhara.

“I called the issue ‘Neo-Japan,’ and I actually flew an incredible photographer from New York, Richard Burbridge, to Tokyo, and we did this big, big portfolio of the Japanese cool kids and designers, the most creative talents in Japan,” Nicola added.

“For me, they’re the ones who haven’t been jaded, in a way, through society and what’s happening around the world. They still have that pureness. And we need to learn from them. They’re going to change the world. Especially Japan.”

The designer hopes to inspire people with his new offering and create a new society which doesn't follow the demands of business. He urges people who are into clothes to take a step back and remember what inspired their passion in the first place and why they love fashion so much.

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