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Nicola Formichetti is constantly curious

Nicola Formichetti is constantly curious

Designer Nicola Formichetti is always hungry for inspiration.

The Italian-Japanese star is currently artistic director of Diesel, as well as the fashion director of Uniqlo. He's become famed in the industry for his cutting edge and innovative ideas, which Nicola puts down to embracing his environment.

"I’m always so curious about what’s going on around the world," he told "I’m here in Melbourne (Australia) now, so all this morning I’ve been going through my Instagram and Tumblr trying to find people to meet and (where to go). I’m always very, very curious about what’s going on in the culture of a place. I want to go to the clubs, or stores, or just cool places and try to meet people.

"(I’ve always been) very, very hungry for what’s happening because that’s been my inspiration for what I do. I get to use conversations and inspirations for stuff I do somewhere else... That’s what keeps me going."

Nicola's favourite part of his job is creating clothes then holding shows and events to present them. There's a lot on his plate, but he loves to be challenged and go beyond the boundaries. Because of this Nicola, 38, admits he's never 100 per cent happy with the finished results - not that that's a problem.

"I think that’s a very good thing in the industry because you can always do better next time," he reasoned. "I can always spot something I didn’t like in what I did, so I can fix it next time and evolve."

Social media is a big part of Nicola's career, as he previously explained he relies on it for feedback from customers. He knows it has to be used in order to get a label in the spotlight, so he does just that.

"Today the fashion world is completely different than it was in the past," he told Australian Vogue earlier this month (Mar16). "To be a designer nowadays you need to know about marketing, digital media, the market etcetera. You need to have an overall view of what’s happening in the world because you need to be open to changes and progression."

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