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Nicola Formichetti: I'm over rude Snapchats

Nicola Formichetti: I'm over rude Snapchats

Nicola Formichetti is fed up of receiving rude photos on Snapchat.

The 37-year-old designer is a fan of social media and already boasts hundreds of thousands of followers on both Instagram and Twitter.

He recently signed up to the app Snapchat, which allows users to send photos to one another that disappear after being viewed. But first impressions aren't great for Nicola.

"It's been weird. I've only been getting d**k pics. It's not cute. I'm like, 'Can you send me some other stuff?'" he sighed to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I don't know [what I'd prefer to see], other people's lives, all this other stuff that's happening around the world. Not just d**k pics - that's just boring."

He added that the photos he sends on Snapchat reflect his life, such as scenic photos from his visits to Malibu and Venice, Italy.

Nicola loves America's West Coast, so much so that he has created a new range dedicated to it under his Diesel Tribute umbrella. The creative director's latest offering is called Aquaholic, made up of 45 pieces inspired by the 90s priced between $100 and $650.

It debuted at boutique H. Lorenzo last week, where it will be sold, and Nicola is pleased he could cater to a different audience through the store.

"For me, it is such an exciting thing. It was all about sports taking on casual wear, and I love that, so I made a mini capsule. I took the old archives and slightly changed the material to make it more today. The sports trend is everywhere today," he explained. "I feel like, for the main collection we do at Diesel, it's more about denim and leather, so it was perfect to do a small capsule collection for this. And what an honour to be at H. Lorenzo because it's so cool to have incredible store supporting it. I'm super, super happy."

And his bright designs, including a cropped denim jacket with florescent yellow sleeves and bold graphic print T-shirts, have already gained famous fans after Rihanna stepped out wearing them.

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