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Nicola Formichetti: I'm addicted to technology

Nicola Formichetti: I'm addicted to technology

Nicola Formichetti "switches off" once a year.

The designer embraces the digital age and even developed his famous Nicopanda design on Tumblr. The panda image started life online but is now widely available as a print on his clothing.

While he loves what the internet can do for a brand, Nicola also tries to go cold turkey and log off every now and again.

“I want to do it once a month, but that’s kind of crazy. I do it once a year now,” he explained to WWD. “I switched off and went somewhere in the mountains and took my phone away and no computer for ten days. The first two days, you’re twitching, going crazy but then you realise after a few days that everything is fine. No one really wants you. It’s not that important. The world still goes.

"It’s amazing and then you can come back completely refreshed. I really, really recommend it. Even just doing it on the weekends for a bit, like Sundays or something. Just don’t look at anything. Just read a book - or meditate.”

Nicola is half Japanese, half Italian and says Nicopanda is a development of his "Japanese side", which he lets out on the weekends.

He's very close to popstar Lady Gaga, who he has dressed on several occasions, and it was actually she who introduced him to social media.

“When I was working with her, she was always on Twitter, talking to her fans. Like really talking to her fans online," he recalled.

"I thought that was so beautiful. It was love, just pure love, the artist and fans, connecting. She kind of got me into Twitter. She kind of pushed me into the limelight in a way I hated in the beginning because, suddenly, I became like a product. People can make comments, they can b***h, so it was very hard at the very beginning. But then you meet your real fans online, and that’s really, really important and it’s special."

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