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Neelam Gill: Don't mess with my brows

Neelam Gill: Don't mess with my brows

Model Neelam Gill is very controlling when it comes to her brows because her mother never let her pluck them.

The up-and-coming fashion star's striking looks have seen her walk for the likes of Burberry Prorsum as well as being signed as UK ambassador for beauty company Blink Brow Bar. It's no wonder Neelam landed the role, as her eyebrows are an area of envy with their bushy but neat finish.

"My mum never allowed me to pluck my brows, she took me to get them threaded when I started secondary school and now I go to Blink every two weeks," she told "I like it because I'm personally quite controlling - I'll be like: 'Get this hair and this hair.’ I'd be nervous to just let them paint wax onto a whole strip. It's painful when you first get it done but you get used to it, and good brows give you confidence and make you look so much better without make-up."

She's so proud of her brows that she admits she cried when they had to be bleached for a fashion shoot. As they're so dark, they turned ginger rather than blonde and didn't get any lighter, even after four attempts.

She didn't get into make-up until after she became a model, mainly because she couldn't find suitable shades for her dark skin tone. Her Indian heritage means she even struggles now, but luckily experts have found a way around it.

"Really you need to use different shades on my skin - I'm darker on my nose and forehead so I'd use a different colour than what I'd put on the rest of my face," she explained. "High-end brands are probably better than high street when it comes to colour range. Bobbi Brown and Burberry are great for everyday, and Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is perfect when I want a bit more coverage."

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