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Natasha Poly: I'm a frustrated musician

Natasha Poly: I'm a frustrated musician

Model Natasha Poly used to be intensely jealous of her cousins for going to music school, so would repeatedly moan at her mother about the injustice.

The 30-year-old beauty may not have been able to learn singing when she was little, but she would still practise when she was at home. This has stood her in good stead for her latest role, which sees her bursting into song in a promo for Frame Denim's Fall 2015 campaign.

"All of my cousins went to music school," she explained to "One would go every day to music school and her voice was so beautiful. I would all the time try to copy her. I would come back to my mom and say, 'Why don't you send me to music school? I think I'm really good.'"

It was because of this deep-seated dream that Natasha was excited to get involved with the Frame project. The fashion company was created by Erik Torstensson, who came up with the idea in a surprising way. He and Natasha were enjoying a relaxed meal after they'd been working together, and he quizzed her on what she'd have done if fashion hadn't worked out. Natasha immediately replied that she would have become a singer, which sparked something in Erik - especially when he heard her performing and realised she did have something.

"In the beginning, I rehearsed myself at home and was studying all the lyrics," Natasha explained. "I came into the studio and started singing so loudly, and they were like, 'You are doing great but it isn't the style of the music!' That was a funny moment."

It seems this project might not be a one-off for the model either. She loved it so much, she is refusing to rule out hitting the recording studio on her own, saying it would be incredibly fun if she could make an album.

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