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Natalia Vodianova recalls cringey cosmetics

Natalia Vodianova recalls cringey cosmetics

Fashion star Natalia Vodianova looked "so cheesy" in make-up when she was younger and thinks her daughter will make the same faux pas.

The 33-year-old model has often spoken about her relationship with cosmetics, revealing her Russian heritage plays a big part in her look. She didn't always get it spot-on though and predicts her daughter Neva may follow in her footsteps when experimenting.

"You know, I remember when my mother would say, 'You don't need any make-up. You're so pretty just like you are. You're beautiful!'" Natalia grinned to "And me, age 14, is wearing blue eyeshadow and sparkly things all over. Oh my God, it was... so cheesy.

"Now I'm probably going to say the same to my daughter and she'll come back with huge black eyeliner, red lipstick, be a completely rebellious teenager and I'll be like, 'What's going on?' At the moment, though, she's an angel."

Neva is only nine years old, so hasn't shown a curiosity towards cosmetics yet. Natalia does paint her little girl's nails though and is adamant her daughter won't need any make-up when she's older.

Along with her gorgeous looks, which land her jobs for the likes of Guerlain and the covers of magazines around the globe, Natalia rocks a toned physique. Her svelte body is thanks to her busy lifestyle and a healthy diet, so she doesn't worry too much about making time for workouts - not to say she's against them though.

"You know, I'm quite blessed that I am so active in my everyday life that it's almost unfortunate that I don't need exercise to stay slim," she explained. "Really, we all need exercise to stay healthy. I wish I was actually forced more to do it because it would mean that my back would be stronger. After pregnancies I try to get back into shape, but then I'm not really regular at it."

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