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Natalia Vodianova: Female pride drives them

Natalia Vodianova: Female pride drives them

Natalia Vodianova believes women's pride spurs them on.

The Russian model came from humble beginnings but is now one of the biggest faces in the fashion industry.

She's close to designer Diane von Furstenberg, who champions Natalia's Naked Heart Foundation charity, and in general, the 33-year-old beauty thinks females need to boost each other.

"Men are different in the way they do it; they have a genuine respect for other men but with women, it's all about pride," she explained to British Hello! Fashion magazine.

"It's beyond respect. I admire women and I'll do anything to help them achieve their potential and dreams."

This attitude helps form the bonds Natalia makes in the industry. She's particularly fond of former Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss, 22, who recently cut ties with the lingerie brand to pursue a college education.

"In the fashion world, when I see a smart, young, beautiful girl who also cares about the world and what she can bring to it, for example my friend Karlie Kloss, it makes me proud," Natalia smiled.

The Naked Heart Foundation is making a big difference to Natalia's native Russia by building playgrounds for its most deprived children. It also supports the needs of families in poverty.

"My philosophy is to lead by example and be positive," the philanthropic model explained.

"When I make mistakes or something doesn't work, I accept that sometimes things aren't meant to be. I work hard to try and make sure whatever I set my mind to does happen - it's a little bit like yoga in that you have to let go at the same times as you make an effort."

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