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Narciso Rodriguez: 'Perfume captures my brand'

Narciso Rodriguez: 'Perfume captures my brand'

Narciso Rodriguez realised early on that creating a perfume would boost interest in his brand.

The American designer established his eponymous fashion house in 2001 and launched his first scent two years later, which received the British FiFi Award for Best New Fragrance and Fragrance of the Year.

Narciso claims his fragrances are now the most popular part of his empire, and reveals that he created the scents as he knew they would be a good way to increase his clientele.

"A woman's fragrance is her signature, and I felt that it would be the best way to communicate what this house was about," he told Haute Living. "It's raw yet refined, classic yet modern. Musk is also very mercurial, with an uncanny ability to reflect the nature of whoever wears it."

Narciso was desperate to get into the fashion industry from a young age, studying at Parsons School of Design in New York. He later joined Anne Klein, where he worked under Donna Karan, before moving to Calvin Klein.

"I was very lucky to achieve both, and then do something I never dreamed (possible)... work under Calvin Klein," he smiled, recalling how he was given a lot of freedom in the womenswear department. "I also made some of the most important and enduring relationships of my life, it was a unique experience."

But one of the most memorable moments of his career has to be when U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama wore one of his dresses on the night before her husband Barack Obama was appointed as President in 2008. Narciso was honoured that she chose his red and black number, adding that she isn't afraid to try bold ensembles.

"I am in awe of our first lady," he shared. "She is so wise, compassionate, witty and down-to-earth - and her energy astounds me. She has accomplished so much with such grace and fortitude, and my admiration for her has just continued to grow over the years."

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