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Naomi Campbell: Trash hotel rooms? Not me!

Naomi Campbell: Trash hotel rooms? Not me!

Naomi Campbell is too much of a "neat freak" to trash a hotel room.

Supermodels might have a reputation for being divas, but the catwalk queen insists she's well behaved. Rather than participate in rock-star antics, she prefers to keep things civilised.

''Really, I haven't," she assured Britain's Metro newspaper when asked if she's ever trashed a hotel room. "I wouldn't want to trash a room that I'm sleeping in. I'm very OCD and I'm a neat freak, that would be my nightmare.''

It's an exciting time for Naomi, who has just been cast in the Burberry Christmas advert alongside the likes of Romeo Beckham, Michelle Dockery and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. While she's clearly a fashion star, the 45-year-old has also been dipping her toes into acting with a part in TV show American Horror Story. It's a relief her role as Claudia Bankson has gone down so well, as Naomi feared the worst.

''To be honest, I've been really surprised that I haven't been criticised more," she admitted. ''The reaction has been great. I was nervous, of course, because this is me doing something else but I think models are more accepted as actors now. On the catwalk, I've been acting my whole life.''

American Horror Story is known for its creepy storylines and co-stars Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts and Lady Gaga. It's enough to shake even the most hardened actor up, but Naomi has developed a tough skin.

''It stays with you a little," she confessed. ''After filming you go home and can struggle to go to sleep straight away. But then you get back to your regular self. I'm not a fearful person.''

American Horror Story is currently in its fifth season.

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