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Naomi Campbell 'loves' mini beauty products

Naomi Campbell 'loves' mini beauty products

Naomi Campbell "loves" mini beauty products.

The 46-yar-old supermodel - who began her career at the young age of 15 years old - has revealed her essential cosmetics are "make-up remover, eye applicators" and "all" travel-size products because you can travel with them anywhere.

Speaking about her must-have items, the brunette beauty said: "In terms of products, I like make-up remover, eye applicators and all the mini products you make things you can travel. I love mini products.

"Serums, under eye cream, mani-pedi ... Body moisturiser, moisturising masks anything hydrating, especially when you travel. Antioxidants are good for the skin, too."

And the catwalk icon believes every woman should "always maintain" themselves and take care of their appearance.

She said: "A woman should always maintain herself on a weekly basis.

"But I really care about wellness items that make you feel good and are researched and healthy."

Naomi - who has starred in campaigns for luxury fashion houses Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and Versace - doesn't think her style is "predictable" as she will change her outfits from vintage to "current" regularly.

When asked about her style, she said: "Not predictable. I wake up every day and dress according to how I feel, what city I'm in, the weather ... I love missing and matching and can go from vintage one day to current the next."

Meanwhile, the 'Empire' actress has revealed she doesn't go near sugar because she tries to "balance" what she eats, although her regular work outs help her maintain her slender frame.

She told W magazine: "I take care of myself, eat well, try to balance what I put in my body, I stay away from sugar and drinks lots of water.

"Yoga and Pilates - I don't lift weights. I like working with the resistance of my own body weight."