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Moss and Stone team up for Balenciaga

Moss and Stone team up for Balenciaga

Kate Moss and Lara Stone are the stars of Balenciaga's new campaign.

The British models were shot together for the first time for the pictures, which are in honour of the label's Fall 15 line. Creative director Alexander Wang is thrilled to have pulled off the shots, explaining he wanted the women to look sensual and secretive in the images.

"For me, the fall collection began with the real women of Balenciaga - women who are multifaceted and multidimensional: strong and sensual yet also austere and mysterious," he told WWD.

"I wanted the first image for the campaign to frame Kate and Lara in a mysterious conversation."

In one of the pictures Kate is seen lying outstretched as she looks up at Lara, who is leaning over her. Kate has her arm slung over Lara's shoulder and the pair are wearing intense gazes, as if they are about to share a secret moment.

Both are wearing pieces in the same monochrome fabric, with Kate in a below-the-knee dress, with a thick belt and fur trim around the strapless top. Lara has a Balenciaga coat on, accessorised with black gloves and a small handbag which she has thrown across Kate. Both women are almost unrecognisable thanks to the tight buns they are wearing in their hair, with sideburns styled into slick points snaking down their cheeks.

The images were taken by photographer Steven Klein, with Anthony Turner tending the hair and Val Garland on make-up duties.

Although this is the first campaign Kate and Lara have teamed up for, they are good friends. Lara has previously praised her fellow supermodel, insisting she is one of the names all newcomers look up to.

"There's a Vogue cover with Kate wearing a crown - she just looks so cute and so charming. She is pretty perfect and incredibly beautiful. She's so striking. If you see her face on a poster in the street you can't ignore it," she previously gushed.

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