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Moschino teams with Super Mario

Moschino teams with Super Mario

Moschino is speaking straight to the hearts of nostalgic gamers by teaming up with Super Mario on a clothing collection.

Creative director Jeremy Scott is famed for embracing pop culture, featuring lines based on the likes of Barbie and McDonald's since he joined the Italian brand in 2013. Now the Super Moschino project has been revealed, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of childhood favourite Mario.

His iconic face has been printed on brightly coloured sweaters and T-shirts, with sidekicks Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser and more also featuring.

Fans can get their hands on the pieces from 5 December 2015 in selected stores and on Moschino's website.

Jeremy may be pushing the boundaries with his designs, but they always go down well when he shows at fashion week. Featuring cartoons like the Powerpuff Girls may be risky, but the designer knows how to balance fun and luxury.

"Honestly, I have the best manufacturing and the best quality at my fingertips, so it's just like, 'I'm going to make that giant milkshake into a purse,'" he previously smiled to "I can do it and make it with beautiful quality. I can take these very pop ideas and then they have this dichotomy: the way they're made does follow the tradition of 'luxury.' I'm just giving it a new image, to a degree; a different take, as opposed to an alligator purse."

While the luxury market is clearly changing and taking itself less seriously, Jeremy doesn't pause to consider it.

"I never really thought about it," he admitted. "There's obviously a younger crop of designers, and I think that means a younger crop of clientele. There's a generational shift of what someone 20-35 thinks is special, beautiful, rare, unique and luxurious versus someone who's 45, 55, 60, who's been that customer for a while. That's why, when I make things, I try to make something that you've never seen before. Even if it's using things you are familiar with. I'm all about that, because that's iconography - a way to communicate with the masses. You can speak to more people while making hybrids of things that are special and unique."

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