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Monse: Making Oscar de la Renta proud

Monse: Making Oscar de la Renta proud

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia want to make Oscar de la Renta proud.

The designer duo spent a combined 18 years working with the late fashion star, announcing their resignation in October 2014 and launching their own brand, Monse. Last Saturday they put on their first ever presentation to a packed-out crowd at New York Fashion Week, which they dedicated to their mentor.

"We thought as a young brand we needed to have a product that was relatable for a customer who doesn't know our name - so we reinterpreted the shirt. The shirt is the starting point and the ending. We made it from day to evening, from affordable fabrics to luxe fabrics, and merchandised it accordingly," Fernando told WWD.

"[Oscar] would be thrilled for us, because we are at that point in our lives where we're ready to expand and grow on our own and take his lessons and make him proud."

Having spent a good amount of time with Oscar, the pair picked up plenty of titbits to benefit their own creations. Laura feels they know how to make clothes "the way they should be made" and they've taken some great resources with them.

Oscar himself was extremely supportive too, offering plenty of advice alongside his CEO Alex Bolen.

"I learned how to work with a lot of different people, which Oscar really taught me," Laura smiled. "And Alex Bolen taught me how to see fashion as a business, so I took a lot away from that experience."

Monse's Spring/Summer 16 range was filled with feminine pieces, such as a strapless yellow silk dress with frill at the bottom and a white midi skirt with a ruffled white blouse. Fernando describes the Monse woman as relaxed and sexy, and not afraid to go graphic with her clothes.

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