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Molly Sims turned to revolutionary fat freeze to lose baby weight

Molly Sims turned to revolutionary fat freeze to lose baby weight

Former model Molly Sims turned to CoolSculpting to eliminate the last of the baby weight she couldn't shift after becoming a mum.

An undiagnosed health condition meant the star gained much more weight than she expected when she was carrying son Brooks, now three - and she couldn't get rid of her belly after she became a mum.

"The whole experience of the first pregnancy really scared me..." she told news show Access Hollywood. "I wasn't changing what I ate... and then to gain all that weight, it did scare me.

"It just wouldn't come off. I did thousands of sit-ups, I've starved myself, I've eaten healthy. It's not coming off."

Out of desperation the Yes Man star turned to CoolSculpting, where fat is basically frozen and eliminated.

"It's basically freezing your fat," she added. "It takes anywhere from one hour - you go in, you freeze it, you massage it and go home. There was no surgery, no downtime."

And the former fashion star is stunned with the results, encouraging anyone struggling with areas of their body to consider the big freeze before going under the knife for cosmetic procedures or surgery.

"Now people are doing it for their chin, where it's, like, there's no amount of facial exercises you can do," she beamed.

Molly, who has since given birth to Brooks' sister Scarlet, one, can even get back into her favourite pair of jeans: "The great thing is that once you do it, it just eliminates (fat) through your body. It's like all of a sudden your like, 'Oh my God, it's not there anymore!'" she smiled. One day I was like, 'Alright, back in 'em! I'm back in those jeans'."

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