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Molly Sims: 'Thank god for leggings!'

Molly Sims: 'Thank god for leggings!'

Molly Sims' style has changed "for the worse" since welcoming her second child.

The American model-and-actress became a mother for the second time in March 2015 when she and husband Scott Stuber welcomed daughter Scarlett, joining their three-year-old son Brooks. Over a year on Molly is looking better than ever with her slim physique, but she admits her taste in clothing has altered a lot since having another tot.

"Well, thank god leggings are back in with a vengeance and tennis shoes are now cool to wear," she laughed to U.S. InStyle. "I definitely never really wore tennis shoes up until probably two years ago. I know that sounds weird, but I just wore them to workout. I just can't be in heels all day - it's just not comfortable. I feel like I don't dress as well as I used to, and I don't feel as done up as I used to feel. So, it's definitely changed - it's changed for the worse (laughs)."

Quizzed on whether her new laidback attire bothers her when it comes to going out in public, 42-year-old Molly confessed she is aware of onlookers judging her appearance. For the blonde beauty, she feels good when she looks good, so she tries to put some effort into her outfits rather than stepping out dressed "sloppy".

However, this means spontaneous choices are very rare, as she added: "I definitely have an idea the night before of what I'm going to wear, and I always keep a pair of heels in my car. I always keep a make-up bag in my car now, too."

Of course, there are plenty of perks to motherhood too. Molly loves nothing more than spending time with her little ones and even found herself welling up when her son and daughter bonded recently.

"We were sitting there having bottle time and I had her on my lap and he was sitting next to me, and they started holding hands. I'm not going to lie, a tear might have fallen," she smiled.

The family celebrated Mother's Day in the U.S. on Sunday (08May16), with the fashion star sharing plenty of cute snaps on Instagram of her and her kids.

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