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Miuccia Prada: I wasn't proud of fashion

Miuccia Prada: I wasn't proud of fashion

Miuccia Prada used to be "ashamed" of her job as a designer.

The 66-year-old took over the family fashion business in 1978 and also runs label Miu Miu.

She's married to Patrizio Bertelli, who works on the business side of Prada, and these days Miuccia is very pleased with what she's contributed to the industry.

"I’m very proud of my job [as a designer]. I used to be ashamed of it because I was educated, I was a feminist. But finally, I am proud of it," she smiled to British newspaper The Guardian.

"I earn my own money, which is a huge thing for a woman. The speed of fashion has taught me so much, and it’s a very open world by its nature. Movies, music: we need culture for our job. This speed is useful in the art world, and for sure the art world is useful in my job. It’s such an obvious collaboration, and deep down my life is one. Every man and woman wants to dress well. That’s how they express themselves.”

As a feminist, it's tough for Miuccia to see the fashion industry's obsession with looking young. However, she's positive people will change their outlooks soon enough.

“First of all, I had this problem – worrying about looking old – when I was 33 and thank God I got over it and it never came back," she explained.

"Second, we will arrive there. The world is ageing, so from a commercial point of view, eventually people will start saying: it [being older] is fantastic. You won’t convince people with [older] models, but when each of us really believes in ourselves, and feels good and beautiful and sexy and secure, that will be it. And in any case, if we work who cares? If you don’t work, of course you think about the problem of your wrinkles from morning until night! If you work, you have something better to think about. That is the beginning of every possible kind of pride, and with those women [who don’t work] I really have no conversation.”

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